What is Love?

What do you know of love, they asked. I know nothing. I know not of words that could describe my thoughts, of songs that could express my emotions or of colors that could paint the pictures in my mind.

But I know of you. I have memorized the outline for your form teh way I memorized the embroidered flowers on my sheets. I can close my eyes and see the silhouette of your body. I know all your curves, the nook in your arm or the gaps between your fingers.

I remember the touch of your skin. I have run my fingers on your palm, tracing the lines in your hand, mapping your past, your present and your future.

Your voice resounds in my ears, echoing like a hundred wind chimes, sweet and pleasant. I have memorized your eyes, it’s depths like shadows in the night. I have looked into it a thousand times and each time, I found myself falling.

I see you in my memory as if I’m looking at photographs. I watch you over and over in my mind as if I was watching a film at the cinema.

I know nothing of love but I know of you.

The Boy Who Loved Another

Peter Pan

The flowers smell sweeter
when I am with you
I see the sky through
the mirror in your eyes
Your hand is my home
and your fingertips
cover me with warmth


the longing
in your eyes
fills me with pain
How can her memories
stay in your mind
yet empty your heart of happiness?

Peter Pan,
when will you look at me?
I’ve been flying beside you
but you’re always
at windows,
for a shadow
of one who has left
long ago.

Peter Pan,
will you fly away with me?
stop looking for her shadow
and catch a glimpse
of my face
and there you will see
all the love
there could ever be.


My heart is smaller than your fingertips
but my love is bigger than all of your parts.

Jade Herrera photographed by Paul Forrest Jade Herrera photographed by Paul ForrestJade Herrera photographed by Paul Forrest (Photos photographed by Paul Forrest at Artisano Studio)

I’m supposed to be writing a poem about union, but here I am blogging in the wee hours of morning, waiting for the first sunlight to peek through the sky, and listening to songs that could make brokenhearted people cry buckets of tears.

When I watched Peter Pan, I wasn’t interested in his romance with Wendy because I felt really bad for Tinker Bell. Tinker Bell has always been there for Peter Pan and though Margaret Kerry said that Tinker Bell is not in love with Peter Pan, I still think she had special feelings for him. Most of the people I knew were irked and disliked Tinker Bell because she caused so much mischief for Wendy, but I love her character the most.

Tinker Bell for me was the bravest character in that movie, not Wendy or Peter Pan. I admired her courage to sacrifice herself to correct the wrong things she did. I liked how she was always with Peter Pan, flying beside him like a shadow. But when Wendy came into the picture, she ended up in the sideline. As a child, I told myself that Tinker Bell must have been sad and heartbroken to see that she had been replaced by Wendy. There must have been times that she thought to herself “If only I am Wendy then Peter would still be with me.”

That was one of the reasons why I’ve always wanted to write a poem in Tinker Bell’s perspective. To be honest, I’ve had this poem in my mind for years. But every time, I try to write it, the words never seem right. It still doesn’t sound right, but maybe I’ll be able to revise this poem when my eyes is no longer heavy with sleep or my mind is no longer occupied with the things that I have to do.

Sorry for the lengthy post. I haven’t blogged for a long time and I got carried away. I hope you don’t mind. By the way, here are some songs that also became my inspiration in writing this poem:

Here’s an English cover of EXO’s Peter Pan. (Can’t find one for Yenny though)


His memory lingers in my mind,
like bruises I hide
but can’t unfeel.
I touch one and the pain stings -
this is where he used to touch me,
this is where he used to kiss me.

I feel his fingers tug my hair,
his breath on my skin,
his heart pounding and beating,
nervous like mine,
his lips on my lips,
his skin on my skin.

I remember his voice,
his books,
the scent of the coffee he makes
and how our legs
tangled beneath the sheets.

Memories are photographs
scattered on the floor.
I see a smile,
I see a wink,
I see a flower,
I see an old teddy bear.

My eyes close and I feel the pain,
it’s tingling all over my body.
Love is beautiful but it hurts,
like a rose filled with thorns.


jade herrera high fashion photography writing light allen cabsI’ve always wanted to have a studio photo shoot and thanks to my dear friend Mariel and the ever talented sir Allen, my dream came true. We wanted to pull off a theme similar to High Cut Korea, simple but classy. Here are some of the photos from the shoot.

jade herrera high fashion photography writing light allen cabs jade herrera high fashion photography writing light allen cabs

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I Choose Not to be Bitter

Daily Prompt Challenged: You have to choose one flavor that your sense of taste will no longer be able to distinguish. Sweet, sour, bitter, salty,umami, spicy (not a taste per se, but we’re generous): which one do you choose to lose?

I can’t live without spicy, salty and sour food. So that leaves umami, sweet and bitter flavor. As much as I’d like to say i’d go with losing my sweet tooth, I’d rather go with the bitter taste. I was never a fan of bitter taste, who is anyway?

If I can’t taste it I’d probably be eating healthier foods by now, since I’d be able to tolerate eating vegetables like the bitter gourd.


Spicy, Sour and Sweet

I like ice cream. No let me correct that, I love ice cream. But I always found it a bit disappointing that none of the ice cream flavors available today could reflect who I really am. The closest thing would be the rocky road—I’m a very complicated person with a lot of layers of moods and personalities, sometimes fun, sometimes eclectic and sometimes tolerable.

So when a certain ice cream parlour asked me to create Flavor #32, an ice cream flavor that should reflect my personality, I immediately knew what it’s going to be, a sushi flavored ice cream.

Sushi comes in different tastes and appearance. It can be sweet, it can be sour and it can be spicy and that’s exactly the kind of person that I am. Besides even though a lot of people are in love with it, there are some people who can’t seem to stand its smell and taste just like the way there are people who love me. people who like me and people who don’t.

Besides, when you think of Asian food, sushi is one of the things that come to mind. And that’s one thing I want people to think when they hear my name, that I’m Asian.

*This post is inspired by Daily Prompt Flavor #32 http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/flavor-32/

*Pictures are not mine and links back to sources.

Scratch Paper

I’m hoping you’ll look at me.
and touch my skin,
to run your fingers
on every line of memory
you printed on me.

But if looking back
will remind you
of mistakes and a broken past,

I will enfold myself
in faithful loneliness,
slipping between the pages
of a forgotten book and
lie with the sleeping dust—

Until someone comes to unfold me
to correct your mistakes
and write new but better memories.