jade herrera high fashion photography writing light allen cabsI’ve always wanted to have a studio photo shoot and thanks to my dear friend Mariel and the ever talented sir Allen, my dream came true. We wanted to pull off a theme similar to High Cut Korea, simple but classy. Here are some of the photos from the shoot.

jade herrera high fashion photography writing light allen cabs jade herrera high fashion photography writing light allen cabs

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I Choose Not to be Bitter

Daily Prompt Challenged: You have to choose one flavor that your sense of taste will no longer be able to distinguish. Sweet, sour, bitter, salty,umami, spicy (not a taste per se, but we’re generous): which one do you choose to lose?

I can’t live without spicy, salty and sour food. So that leaves umami, sweet and bitter flavor. As much as I’d like to say i’d go with losing my sweet tooth, I’d rather go with the bitter taste. I was never a fan of bitter taste, who is anyway?

If I can’t taste it I’d probably be eating healthier foods by now, since I’d be able to tolerate eating vegetables like the bitter gourd.


Spicy, Sour and Sweet

I like ice cream. No let me correct that, I love ice cream. But I always found it a bit disappointing that none of the ice cream flavors available today could reflect who I really am. The closest thing would be the rocky road—I’m a very complicated person with a lot of layers of moods and personalities, sometimes fun, sometimes eclectic and sometimes tolerable.

So when a certain ice cream parlour asked me to create Flavor #32, an ice cream flavor that should reflect my personality, I immediately knew what it’s going to be, a sushi flavored ice cream.

Sushi comes in different tastes and appearance. It can be sweet, it can be sour and it can be spicy and that’s exactly the kind of person that I am. Besides even though a lot of people are in love with it, there are some people who can’t seem to stand its smell and taste just like the way there are people who love me. people who like me and people who don’t.

Besides, when you think of Asian food, sushi is one of the things that come to mind. And that’s one thing I want people to think when they hear my name, that I’m Asian.

*This post is inspired by Daily Prompt Flavor #32

*Pictures are not mine and links back to sources.

Scratch Paper

I’m hoping you’ll look at me.
and touch my skin,
to run your fingers
on every line of memory
you printed on me.

But if looking back
will remind you
of mistakes and a broken past,

I will enfold myself
in faithful loneliness,
slipping between the pages
of a forgotten book and
lie with the sleeping dust—

Until someone comes to unfold me
to correct your mistakes
and write new but better memories.



You came into my dreams
Then left me with nightmares
I woke up in the morning
Felt the bruises on my skin.

You tied me up with your strings,
Held me up, watched me float into the clouds
Promised me that you cared,
Won’t let go but then you lied.

You cut me loose, set me free
But I came tumbling down
Got stuck on the branches
Waiting for someone to take me down.


You promised me that you cared
Won’t let go but you lied.
You took my wings, cut the strings
Now I’ll never fly.


Photo taken from We Heart It and links back to source.

Bright Light

edgeofjade - bright light 6

It’s been a while. Well, it’s been four months since my last outfit post. I got so busy that I couldn’t find the time to take pictures of my OOTDs much less blog about it. Thankfully, my cousins and I had some free time last Saturday, so we decided to take these photos before their classes start this week.Wearing black Primadonna glitter heels

I have always wanted to try white on white look. I first saw this trend in Camille Co’s blog and thought that it looked classy and chic. Besides, it’s also good for casual events or dates with your friends. It’s simple and effortless and it’s great when you feel like accessorizing. Wearing a white Zara cropped top

A white on white look is like a blank canvass that you can spice up with accessories. However, I decided to keep it simple by pairing it with a black Primadonna glitter heels and silver arrow earrings from Some Kind of Pretty. The black heels doesn’t take too much attention from the clothes and the arrow earrings are perfect for a simple, minimalist look. A white on white OOTD look perfect for casual events

How about you? Do you also like the white on white look? If yes, what would you pair it with?

My take on the white on white look

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Wearing a white circle skirt

Love Melrose Cropped Top | Thrifted Circle Skirt | Primadonna Heels | Some Kind of Pretty Arrow Earrings

Photos taken by Dean Respeto and Daniel Adrian Canizo

A Piece of Sakura

I have always wanted to travel to Tokyo. But to be honest, my fascination for this bright city had nothing to do with the delicious ramen and sushi I’ve been dying to eat or the mangas I’ve always wanted to read. It has nothing to do with wanting to meet a Totoro mascot or see modern day geisha.

It’s all because of the Sakura blossoms. Sakura petals are like snow in spring. It’s bright colors and soft petals are pleasing and refreshing to the eye. Along with the budding petals is the hope for a new beginning, signaling that winter has come to an end.

Who wouldn’t want to see such a beautiful sight in a crowded city where everyone is hurrying about. I wouldn’t mind stopping on the sidewalks just to glance at the lovely Sakura trees in bloom. 

  *This writing prompt is based on The Daily Post’s City Planners

**Photos taken from Tumblr and link back to sources