Dear John

When nightfall comes and I’m alone

I knew you’d left and not return

Your footsteps echoed in my mind

As you disappeared along with time.

The warmth of your hands in my palms

Faded away like footprints in the sand

I can’t hear you sing my favorite songs

Your laughter is gone and everything feels wrong.

Hugging this teddy bear closer

That’s all I have left of you

I remember the days when your love was mine

And I woke up and still had you.

When time stands still and the rain runs dry

The night goes on and the stars collide

I’ll try and forget you

It will break my heart but I’ll get through.

Your eyes were my home

An assurance that I was loved

But when my path strayed away from you

I had to leave my heart with you.

You promised you’d wait for me to return

That you would still be my home

But dearest John while I was gone

You went away never to return.

And when the sun cries and the flowers smile

The butterflies sing and grasses weep

I’ll try and forget you

It’ll be hard but I’ll get through.

Dear John why’d you go?

You moved on now and I’ll try too.

But we both know

It’ll be hard to stop loving you.

So when the fire goes cold and teardrops laugh

Leaves will bleed and trees will sit.

I’ll learn to forget about you

And I’ll stop loving you…

I’ll try and forget you

It’ll be hard but I’ll get through

But dearest John we both know

I’d have died but I’d never stopped loving you.


1 thought on “Dear John”

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