How I Get Away From Writer’s Block

Writer’s block. Two simple words that make a writer’s life complicated and dry as a desert. We’ve been there before and none of us would ever want to be stuck in that rut again. But it seems unavoidable. If there are times when we’re full of ideas and things to write about there comes a time when all you could ever think to write about is nothing.

But how does one get away from it? Writers have different ways of avoiding writer’s block. I do it by joining prompt and writing challenges. No matter how silly the challenge sounds, I still go for it. After all, it’s better writing something than nothing right?

Thanks to this blog I found on tumblr, I’ve found it easier to combat writer’s block. With their archive of different writing challenges you’ll never run out of things to write about.

Try visiting 30 Day Challenge Archive. The blog has plenty of writing challenges for everyone. I’m hooked on it right now, it’s giving me a hard time choosing on what to write first.


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