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My Christmas Playlist

Though I was born in December, I’m not much of a December person. It’s pretty ironic since I really love the cold season. But because of Christmas songs, I kind of dislike December.

I’m not really into the Christmas and I don’t particularly like Christmas songs because it makes me feel more lonely. Even when I was living with my family and went caroling with my cousins and friends, I just can’t get the hang of it.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t have a Christmas playlist. There are a handful of Christmas songs that I do listen to and I like. It might not be a great playlist but i just wanted to share it with you to add to your playlist or listen to while drinking your hot cocoa drink.

1. Amazing – CSJH The Grace (Dana & Sunday)

2. Happy X-mas (War Is Over) – J-Min Cover

3. First Snow – No Min Woo

4. A Perfect Christmas – Jose Mari Chan

5(a). Sleigh Ride – Hillary Duff Cover

5(b). Sleigh Ride – TVXQ Cover

6. Mistletoe – Joseph Vincent Cover

7. Snowflake – Jason Chen

8. I’ll Be Home For Christmas – Aly and AJ Cover

These are the songs that are currently on my Christmas or December playlist. You’ll notice that most of these are the cover versions instead of original ones. I just love listening to their voices and even though some of the artist who sung the songs aren’t really fluent in English, their version are more special to me than the orignal ones.

How about you? What’s your Christmas playlist?


8 thoughts on “My Christmas Playlist”

      1. I like everything Korean. I have tons of Korean friends here in Phil and back in Korea. My ex also influenced me. I listen to all genre but I like pop and ballad.

        You seem not to understand my comment in the other post. I thought you can speak hehehe.

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