The Tree, The Leaf, The Wind

I had always been fascinated by the tree standing in our backyard. For years I had watched its lifelong dance—the springing forth of its new leaves & its farewell to its once lush green elegance that the wind had stripped off of it. Once, while I was standing before it, gazing at its magnificence, a gust of wind blew and a leaf—young, green, beautiful, and elegant, twirled with the breeze, spun itself & detached from the tree and fell. I caught it in my hand and it alighted softly in my open palm.

My fingers traced it daintily, tracing its veins. There was something mesmerizing about it. Again, I looked up at the tree, from where the leaf once was. It was like a story for centuries been repeated, been foretold. But what the story was, I do not know.

A new school year began, & I had forgotten all about the leaf & the tree. I was caught in the middle of high school’s busy affair. As I was entangled between its web, I stumbled upon someone so precious. And the moment I saw him, I thought that destiny itself had arranged the two of us to meet.

He was wonderful—no, he was simply the best. I had never met anyone like him. We became friends, grew close to each together & enjoyed one’s company. He was my friend, my brother, my shoulder to lean on. I do not know how many times he painted smiles or how many tears he wiped from my eyes. I grew fond of him & loved him. Being with him was like a fairytale in the real world.

But as all fairy tales end in the real world, mine did too. Time had not permitted us to be together. He had a path ahead of him, a better place that I know I must not follow. I had my own path and his path was not mine to take. We went on our own ways. He left, but no, I made him to.

I had lost count of how many times I cried remembering that day. I felt so foolish for having done such a mistake. And as I was staring out my open window, a leaf from the tree alighted on my window and I remembered.

Deep in my heart I understood. Once in a while, an elegant leaf would spring into your life. But as time is sometimes cruel, the wind blows it away. But who is to blame? Sometimes, that one precious leaf gets blown away, maybe because the wind blew it away, or the leaf decided to detach itself or because the tree did not ask the leaf to stay and allowed the wind to blow it away.


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