Remember when I told you about a project I have in one of classes where we have to create our own tribe complete with a culture, religion and even traditional clothing and tribe roles?

Well, my groupmates and I were able to come up with alright. Our tribe is called the A’Cauans and the tribe supposedly lives in a mangrove forest and hunts crocodiles. But since a tribe cannot survive by hunting alone, we decided to create other roles for the tribe such as a tribe leader, priestesses, the common people, merchant, warriors and even hunters.

I was one of the priestesses and our dress was inspired by Guinevere’s blue dress in the movie King Arthur. The dress itself was easy to make thanks to a tutorial I found on DeviantArt.

Here are some of my photos from the pictorial:


Jade Herrera Ethereal white dress priestess
This actually reminded me of the fantasy series Encantadia that was aired in the Philippines. It made my dream of becoming a Sang’gre come true, even though it happened only in this set of photographs.




Jade Herrera priestess white empire dress diy

white empire dress diy ethereal priestess Jade Herrera

Jade Herrera Ethereal white dress priestess

I had fun during the photo shoot. But trust me, it was a tiring and at the end of the day I smelled like I fell in a canal. The river wasn’t that clean and it rained that day. You can actually see that the water is not that clean.

My legs were itchy after the shoot and I had to take a bath twice. I’ll never do something like that again. Or maybe not. Depends if my my work requires me too. And yeah, we all did it for the grades.

I’ll try to post more photos about the other members of the tribe and give you a background story on the A’Cauans.

Meanwhile, I still have to write 10 poems and a story as well as memorize the dance step to Sistar19’s Gone Not Any Longer.


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