Jade’s Diary: Illustrated

Hello my dear readers!

To those who’s been asking, I’m fine. I’m staying with my family and we’re safe. It rains every now and then. Thank God we don’t live in flood-prone area. But lets continue to pray for the Philippines and for the people deeply affected by the typhoon and the floods. I know they’ll be able to get back on their feet again, Filipinos always do. It’ll be hard but they’ll be able to push through.

On a side note, Mara Louise Cespon of Mara Draws, made an illustration based on one of my photos. She’s an illustrator and she’s really good. She’s part of the Art Takes Paris competition and it would be great if you could help her win by voting for her here. Let’s help make someone else’s dream come true. Don’t you think that would be great?

mara louise cespon illustration jade herrera

Here’s another illustration that blogger and illustrator Nadya (The Dilly Chic) made a year ago. Her illustrations are one of a kind because she uses eyeshadow in making her illustrations. isn’t it great?

I’ve been keeping myself in the company of A New Normal’s single, I Can Feel Your Heartbeat. I’m not a fan of emotional songs during rainy days. If you have the time, listen to the song.

Keep safe.




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