Change is Inevitable

edgeofjade jade herrera

Change is inevitable. No matter how much we want to stay the way we are, we can’t help it. We can’t stay stagnant in one place for a long time. We have to change and grow into a person who is better than who we are now.

Change is inevitable and sometimes, its scary. We’re afraid of getting broken, of getting hurt and disappointed of how we turn out to be. But like Nick Vujicic said, let’s give our broken pieces a chance.

Don’t give up on yourself just yet. The road is still long and the journey goes on. As for me, I will try to turn myself from a caterpillar to that of a butterfly who is unafraid to spread her wings and fly.

edgeofjade jade herreraedgeofjade jade herreraOn a side note, how does my hair look? Which do you prefer, the curly hair or this one?


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