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Atychiphobia – (n.) fear of failure; fear of not being good enough

If there’s another person that I like to call as my kindred spirit, it would be Joy. Our personalities are exact opposites, our priorities differ but somehow, like the sky and the land, we have our own horizon where the two of us meet.

I still can’t figure out how we became so close. Most of the time, people are surprised to find out that we are close friends. They had the notion that we were merely acquaintances because of our differences.

But thinking about it, as I write this blog post, I’ve finally found the answer why I am pulled towards her the way gravity pulls me back to the earth. It’s because I see my old self in her.

I used to have Atychiphobia. I was always afraid of failing, of disappointing my parents, because achievements were all I had. Being the eldest of three, my younger siblings looked up at me, and it became a responsibility to always be a better person. Back then, I thought that I would only be complete if I always succeeded. Now, I am no longer afraid of failures. I have learned that most of the times, failing is the best teacher. It taught me to try again, to never give up and most of all, it taught me the value success.

Maybe you’re asking why I am saying this. That’s because, in a way Joy is atychiphobic. I won’t hold that against her. I actually admire her for being able to admit that she is afraid of failing. I know that one day, she’ll get over this fear the way she overcomes her problems and insecurities in life.

And Joy, I’d like to say, “It’s ok to be afraid. Sometimes we find our strength when we’re scared.”

edgeofjade-Atychiphobia2 edgeofjade-Atychiphobia4edgeofjade-Atychiphobia1


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