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Effective Use of the Internet

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In the growing digital age, the use of internet is now becoming a necessity as more people demand for speedy communication, information and connections. Every time we open our laptops, connect through our smart phones and tablets, we are entering into a virtual world where we interact with people, gather and process information, and be entertained intentional or unintentionally. And with this we are overwhelmed with internet’s realm of possibilities for knowledge gaining and a space for sharing, defeating the purpose of use leading to distractions, and waste of time. But how does individuals maximize the use of internet in generating and processing information into useful knowledge that will help unfold individual potentials?

One of the primary reasons for using the internet is to gather information may it be informal or academic. But most of the time info gathering, which is supposed to be done in a convenient manner, is becoming time consuming because of distractions mostly from the use of social networking sites (facebook, twitter, tumblr). And so it is important to organize the way individuals utilize the internet (what and where to search), so as not to distort the essence of information gathering. Useful tools for these are news portals, online journals and articles, ebooks, etc. After filtering information, it is helpful to bookmark and save websites as offline version for future references.

In terms of internet as platform of interaction and sharing information, is where social media plays a significant role. People create connections and expand their knowledge one way or another as they interact, share ideas, express self, collaborate and criticize, which are mostly done in an informal manner. Useful tools for these are google docs, forums, blogs, online tutorials. and use of SNS.

With the easy access we have for the internet, people must take into consideration the credibility of information they are referring to by verifying and doing thorough research that would surface inconsistencies of the info. An individual must have credible information as a reflection of a credible person he/she is. And also it is important not to

limit self on the use of online sources having the notion that everything in it is substantive. An individual would also unfold his potential if he/she were able to utilize proper resources for the proper purpose. One of it is to consider the importance of offline sources and use the internet as guide for retrieval and availability of these sources (tools like i-lib, library systems, etc.). Maximizing the use of internet in the most efficient way would be useful as individuals realize their potentials as they gather credible information, learn from others, share knowledge with people, create connections, and make sense all acquired knowledge into useful purpose.


The content of this article was derived from the world cafe discussion during a DEVC152 class in UPLB last February 26, 2014.


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