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Beyond Walkways


I know that I haven’t been blogging as much as I used to. I was busy with school and work that I even forgot to thank you for continuing to read my blog which now consist mostly of poems I write when I can’t sleep. Would you believe it? My blog is already two years old. YAY!

Anyway, I’d like to share with you another amazing moment in my life. This past year, I started to venture in the modelling industry, mainly to see what it’s like and to learn a couple of things. I had no idea I would enjoy and love it this much. I got to meet models who I became really close with (Hi Princess and Mariel!) and also budding designers I know would one day make their mark on the fashion world.

Last November, I walked the runway of PRISMA, the fashion show organized by the graduating batch of UP Clothing Technology to showcase their designs. Here are some of my photos from the show.

10847944_310630992459181_1387062320060413508_n 20703_310630895792524_8971735042143686308_n 10410599_310634812458799_4875922046445574505_n 10845941_310632872458993_296809685915744862_n 1689779_310635765792037_7883145170853563927_n 15471_310635729125374_1812877273818194209_n 10731007_310639169125030_2076485558094865147_n 1471225_310639262458354_6873131567607638531_n


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