Learning Behind the Scenes

(c) Moreno | 2015

Truth be told, DEVC130 was not in my plans. I never thought that I would be taking this subject because I know how tedious it would be. I used to head a script writing team for a weekly talent show and a cultural show when I was in high school and even though it was a learning experience, it wasn’t a fond memory. But life is full of surprises and one day you’ll find yourself walking up at a path similar to one you’ve walked before and you will realize that this one, this one is better than the other ones you’ve taken. Because this one helped you find yourself.

(c) Mungunkhishig Mushi | 2015

Scene 1 : Find Your Voice

As cliche as it sounds, one of the best things I learned in DEVC 130 is learning to find your voice. There’s a difference in having a voice and having a distinct voice, one that people will recognize as you even without seeing your face or any physical sign that shows your fingerprints or that you’ve been there.

From the voice exercises to learning how to project emotions, I learned to find mine—a voice that evoke emotions, a voice that brings up memories, a voice from the past reuniting with the future and the present.

It might seem far fetched but finding my voice helped improve my writing skills, specially in poetry. I had a hard time writing the poem “Paano Umibig ang Isang Halaman” but when I started envisioning it as a piece that I would one day perform, I heard this voice that sounded how I’d want to perform it. From that moment on, the words flowed out of my fingertips, imprinting on the paper I had at that time.

Scene 2: Find Your Vision

(c) Herrera, Moreno | 2015

When I interviewed Walter Boholst for my Behind the Scenes project he said that directing is creating a vision and communicating that vision to people who can make it come true. I believe that DEVC130 is like that. We come up with a vision for a program, a segment or an episode and then we work with people who can help us make that vision come true.

I had a great time learning about the people who help find and create this vision. Though most people give credit to the people in front of the camera, the people who work behind the scenes should be appreciated and applauded as well. They are the ones who create the shows and make it come to life. They are the ones who stuck to the show through thick and thin, from start to end.

Scene 3 : Find Your Light

(c) Mungunkhishig Mushi | 2015

Finding your voice and your vision can help you find your light. Projects never see the light of day until it is good from top to bottom. And though there are times when you’ll make mistakes while under the spotlight, one must learn from that mistake and move on. Mistakes are something that can’t be removed completely specially when you’re doing a live show but with experience it can be avoided. That’s why in broadcasting and other speech performances one must strive to gain more experience and hands on projects. It’s one of the best ways to learn and one of the best ways to see your voice and your vision come to life.

(c) Chico | 2015

DEVC130 is one for the books. What I learned here is something that I would never learn have I not taken the subject. It’s one proof that sometimes, the best things you do in life are the ones that are done spontaneously. I felt like an adventurer discovering a secret island when I was taking this subject. I wish that more Devcom students would be able to take DEVC130 and learn what I have learned from it.

Though there were times when deadlines were missed and performances weren’t on par with what was expected, I still learned a lot and I hope that with these lessons and experiences I will one day do better than expected.

(c) Moreno | 2015
(c) Moreno | 2015
(c) Moreno | 2015
(c) Moreno | 2015

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